Custard and Mustard Cover

The AC was straining to keep the place cool. We needed to get some fresh air, hit a pool. Out came the flip-flops, a towel for the beach, when Tara called “Carlos! Go get your leash!”

Hamburgers sizzling, funnel cakes drizzling, barkers who bark while hawkers cry “Eat!” “Custard and Mustard! Hot corn! Pizza pie! Papayas! Tamales! Ain’t nothin’ won’t fry!”

Custard and Mustard Cover


Hop on the subway, walk the boardwalk, and fall in love with Carlos and Coney Island in Custard and Mustard! Time flies by where they say it stands still. 

ISBN 978-0-9820381-1-6   $17.95 May 2009

© Maureen Sullivan, Writing | © Alison Josephs, Illustrations