Maureen Sullivan and Alison Josephs used to work together on less exciting stuff. Boring stuff, in fact. One day, Alison said to Maureen "Did ya ever think about writing a children's book?" With a fourish, Maureen pulled out a folder with about 42 scraps of paper. One in particular stuck out. An old yellowed envelope had the words "Ankle Soup" scrawled at the top.  And that's how it all started.

Maureen Sullivan has a boundless personality and joie de vivre that really cracks kids up at auditorium visits and special events. She is a business and style writer and the author of E-SPEAK (Harcourt) and Boomerangers (Thomson). Her articles on communications have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and articles on style have been featured in Coastal Living. In additon to her writing for picture books, she has written 12 mid-grade chapter books for Stoopball Press. Go ahead, email her!

Alison Josephs is a painter and principal graphic designer/illustrator at Josephs Design, Inc. She is a graduate of Cornell University and has studied in Florence and Assisi. Her painting focuses on funky New York themes such as Yankee Stadium and Coney Island, the perfect landscape for Carlos hijinx. Alison lives in Hoboken with her ankle-high Norwich Terrier, Ruby. Go ahead, email her and don't forget to check out her artwork!